One-on-One Sensitivity Training:
Communication and Coaching for Leaders

Half-Day Agenda

HR Proactive’s professional trainer will provide you with communication and coaching strategies you can use to effectively manage your team. Become familiar with communication and coaching principles, be aware of communication style differences, and recognize leadership, communication and coaching techniques. What characteristics make an effective leader? Learn what the term “Emotional Intelligence (EQ)” means and how it differentiates between an average leader and an excellent leader. Gain knowledge on how to use coaching as a communication skill that you can use to help staff with improving performance, solving problems, and developing positive interactions.

HR Proactive’s live virtual, interactive One-on-One Sensitivity Training sessions offer an effective and practical solution for remedial training in North American workplaces.

Sample Half Day Agenda

  • Communication and Coaching Principles
    1. Focused Professional Management
    2. The Effective Leader
    3. Leadership Characteristics
  • Communication Skills
    1. Active Listening
    2. Reframing
    3. Questioning
    4. Challenging
  • Leadership, Communication and Coaching Techniques
    1. Emotional Intelligence
    2. Active Listening
    3. Empathy
    4. Body Language
    5. Effective Feedback
  • Training Session Wrap-Up
    1. Q & A

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