Workplace Sensitivity Seminars


Consultation to Customize
the Training Agenda

to determine objectives that reflect the workplace culture and establish learning outcomes.

Deliver Half-Day
Virtual Seminar

which can be customized with content from any of our sample agendas. Seminar is live via MS Teams or Zoom.

Certificate of Training
for Employees

acknowledging participation in the Workplace Sensitivity Seminar.

Employee Workplace Sensitivity Seminars

HR Proactive Inc. has been building Respectful Workplaces across North America since 1997. Our live virtual half-day sensitivity seminars offer interactive and experiential training for individuals or groups. Customized one-on-one sessions are unique to the employee and focus on the conduct that gave rise to the need for training to meet specific learning objectives. Instructor-Led group sensitivity seminars can be arranged for a live virtual audience of up to twenty-five employees with a range of relevant topics to strengthen workplace culture, leading to an inclusive and respectful environment.

Benefits of Sensitivity Seminars

Raising Cultural Awareness

Improving Interpersonal Skills

Making Better Decisions

IMPROVING Communication Skills

One-on-One Sensitivity Seminars for Workplaces

Most Requested Topics

Respect & Civility in the Workplace
A work environment characterized by civility and respect is essential for the effective operation of increasingly diverse workplaces. Rude, disrespectful or otherwise objectionable conduct impacts the workplace.
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Leadership Coaching Services
HR Proactive offers One-on-One Leadership Coaching to address the following areas:

1. Modification of existing leadership skills to be more flexible and responsive to the changing demands of the workplace.

2. Ensuring task completion and achievement of organizational goals while maintaining effective working relationships.
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