Sensitivity Training: Bullying & Harassment

Half-Day Agenda

HR Proactive’s One-on-One training emphasizes the importance of understanding and preventing harassment and bullying in the workplace. Does employee conduct breach company policy and/or is in violation of the prohibited grounds of protection under human rights law? The definition of harassment is discussed as well as employer and employee liability. Trainees will be able to identify the different types of harassment and bullying, and the impact it has on the victim, other employees and the workplace. Examples are provided so the trainee has a clear understanding of what is and what is not considered harassment and bullying. Learn how to know if your behaviour is welcome or unwelcome and the possible consequences if the inappropriate behaviour continues. Learning is reinforced through case studies, video and quizzes. Ensure your work environment is free from harassment and bullying!

HR Proactive’s live virtual, interactive One-on-One Sensitivity Training sessions offer an effective and practical solution for remedial training in North American workplaces.  

Sample Half Day Agenda

  • Introduction
    1. Why it is important to learn about Harassment in the Workplace
    2. Understanding Harassment in the Workplace
  • The Workplace
    1. Definition of the Workplace
    2. Examples of the Workplace
  • Types of Harassment
    1. Definition of Harassment
    2. Identify Harassment
    (Bullying, Sexual Harassment, Violent Behaviours, Discrimination)
    3. Examples of Harassment
  • Impact of Harassment
    1. Welcome vs. Unwelcome Behaviour
    2. Effect of the conduct not Intent
    3. Reasonable Person Standard
  • Responsibility and Liability
    1. Employee
    2. Employer
    3. Consequences if behaviour continues
  • Moving Forward
    1. Strategies to Manage Personal Behaviour
  • Training Session Wrap-up
    1. Final Thoughts
    2. Questions

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