About HR Proactive Inc.

HR Proactive Inc., is a leading consultancy business providing supportive One-to-One Sensitivity training since 1997.

Our half-day interactive training sessions assist employees and people leaders to understand how their behavior impacts others and helps restore workplace relationships.

Our library of video, case studies, quizzes, participant guides and tools have been curated over several decades.  The client is not paying for development but rather customization and delivery to meet the specific needs of the employee.

The process we follow is threefold:

  1. Consultation with the client to identify the working areas and customize the agenda.
  2. Deliver half-day session remotely via Zoom or Teams Platform.
  3. Provide client with detailed letter outlining content that was covered in the session and an assessment of the employee’s level of participation, we also issue a Certificate of Completion for the employee.


Note: Complex issues may require additional support and follow-up coaching sessions


HR Proactive Inc. has been providing employers with remedial solutions for employees for over 25 years!

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