One-on-One Sensitivity Training for Workplaces

Our 3-Step Process

Consultation to Customize
the Training Agenda

to discuss the circumstances that gave rise to the need for sensitivity training to ensure learning objectives are met..

Deliver Half-Day
Virtual Session

which can be customized with content from any of our sample agendas. Session is live via MS Teams or Zoom.

Provide Client with
Close-Out Letter

which provides a written assessment of the participant’s performance along with a Certificate of Completion issued for Employee Personnel File.

HR Proactive Inc. provides Virtual One-on-One Sensitivity Training & Coaching to Employees, Managers, and High Profile Professionals. We help change behavior that will lead to better relationship management.

We offer a supportive environment to help employees and people leaders increase empathy, improve interpersonal skills, emotional awareness, and self-control.

One-on-One Sensitivity training is not meant to be punitive but rather remedial in nature. We like to encourage anti-harassment and anti-bullying awareness. HR Proactive Inc.’s sensitivity training programs are developed in keeping with adult learning principles that will engage the learning experience.  Our sensitivity training is customized to meet the specific training needs of your organization and employee. We work with the employee to develop an action plan to restore workplace relationships, regulate behavior, and establish boundaries to ensure respectful conduct.

HR Proactive’s One-on-One Sensitivity training is offered throughout North America in real-time through access to our online interactive training platform. 

Training Topics:

• Cultural Sensitivity Training
• Sexual Harassment
• Harassment & Bullying
• Racial Discrimination
• Unconscious Bias & Microaggressions
• Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
• LGBTQ+ Sensitivity Training
• Bystander Intervention
• Toxic Environment
• Understanding Personal Boundaries
• Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
• Communication & Coaching for Leaders
• Personal Conduct for Leaders
• Managing Conflict
• Anger Management

Benefits of Sensitivity Training

Raising Cultural Awareness


Making Better Decisions

IMPROVING Communication Skills

One-on-One Sensitivity Training for Workplaces

Most Requested Topics

Respect & Civility in the Workplace
A work environment characterized by civility and respect is essential for the effective operation of increasingly diverse workplaces. Rude, disrespectful or otherwise objectionable conduct impacts the workplace.
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Leadership Coaching Services
HR Proactive offers One-on-One Leadership Coaching to address the following areas:

1. Modification of existing leadership skills to be more flexible and responsive to the changing demands of the workplace.

2. Ensuring task completion and achievement of organizational goals while maintaining effective working relationships.
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