One-on-One Sensitivity Training:
Managing Anger​

Half-Day Agenda

One-on-One Sensitivity Training by our professional trainer offers coaching to employees who may have difficulty interacting with or managing others. What is anger? How does anger affect your thinking and your actions? This training will help you understand your triggers, and the healthy and unhealthy ways to respond to anger. You will develop coping skills for managing that anger so you can respond to situations constructively. By managing your anger, you can contribute to your own success as well as the success of the people you work with and the organization.

HR Proactive’s live virtual, interactive One-on-One Sensitivity Training sessions offer an effective and practical solution for remedial training in North American workplaces.

Sample Half Day Agenda

  • The Human Emotion of Anger
    1. The Power of Emotions
    2. The Heart, The Mind, The Soul
    3. The Benefits of Anger
    4. The Downside of Anger
  • The Cycle of Anger
    1. Identifying Hot Buttons
    2. Understanding Fight and Flight response
    3. How Anger Escalates
    4. How to Diffuse Anger
  • Personality Types
    1. Assertive
    2. Passive-Aggressive
    3. Aggressive
    4. Bullying
  • Gaining Control
    1. The Power of Perspective
    2. Relaxation Training
    3. Mindfulness Training
    4. Self-Talk
  • Communication Skills
    1. Building Consensus
    2. Asking Questions
    3. Listening
    4. The Power of an Apology
  • Training Session Wrap-Up
  • Q & A

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